luckin coffee(瑞幸咖啡),全球领先的咖啡新鲜式:优选上等阿拉比卡豆,由WBC(世界咖啡师大赛)冠军团队精心拼配,新鲜烘焙,新鲜现磨。luckin coffee倡导更灵活的购买体验,遍布各商圈写字楼,可自提可配送,已成为咖啡新零售代表连锁品牌。

luckin coffee is the world's leading brand for serving fresh coffees. Our coffee is freshly roasted, and ground with high quality Arabica beans, which are carefully blended by our team of the WBC champions. We advocate a more flexible experience for our customers by providing pickup and delivery options, while also locating our coffee shops in main shopping centers and office districts. luckin coffee is becoming the new trend of coffee retail brand.